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For twenty years our company has been involved in the Restoration and Sale of Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture. Holzer Galerie began in a humble setting. As our selection and services became more and more accepted, we could, over the last twenty years, expand to become the largest supplier of Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture in Vienna and surroundings, now exhibiting in over 1000m² of Exhibition Space.

We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and reiterate that we are still diligent in our efforts to provide exquisite and professionally restored furniture.

With this website we are attempting to combine tradition and technology, and on the following pages hope to show that these do not have to be contradictory.

Surfen: Simply visit the pages, visit our Exhibition, let your fantasy be given wings to fly. Maybe you may find something beautiful, a piece which is missing or an enhancement to you Collection.
You may also inform yourself or receive advice about the possibilities to restore or Refurbish your valuable pieces of furniture.
Apart from that, you will find tips regarding looking after your furniture at: Furniture Care by following these simple tips, your valuable antiques, even when in daily use keep their beauty and value.

Interesting facts regarding Art Nouveau and Art Deco you can find in short essays at: Summary

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to our service Manufacture of Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture.

Maps of how to find the locations of our shops can be found at: Pages

Of course we are always willing to consider any special wishes our customers may have. The page Requested Items is designed to assist you in communicating these wishes to us.

For queries or if you haven`t found what you are looking for in our exhibition please email us at:office@galerieholzer.at.